What Worked and What Didn't - Entertainment

What Worked and What Didn't - Entertainment

Do you think that riding the GDMBR was all fun and games?  Most of the time, I was thoroughly enthralled by the scenery and the hills.  However, I too battled boredom some days.  When the trail got a little too monotonous, here are the ways I kept myself sane.

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Blackburn Made a Video

Around Helena, Montana, Encompass Films came out to film Jeni and I while riding the GDMBR. It required some extra patience, but came with some snack perks and a campfire. I think they definitely captured the gist of my mission to get more women comfortable with backcountry adventuring and bikepacking.  However, if you want the NON truncated explanation of how a generator hub works, holler at me. ;) 

Here is is...