Women's Saddle Session & Swap

Women's Saddle Session & Swap

After riding bikes for so many years, and specifically riding a bike for 2,800 miles this summer, I feel compelled to share what I know with people that want to know.  In the last year, I've come to know a ton of great women in Philadelphia who also cycle and/or want to cycle more.  And from this crowd I hear consistent murmurings about saddle pain and riding limitations due to discomfort.  So I co-hosted a saddle workshop for women. 

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Blackburn Made a Video

Around Helena, Montana, Encompass Films came out to film Jeni and I while riding the GDMBR. It required some extra patience, but came with some snack perks and a campfire. I think they definitely captured the gist of my mission to get more women comfortable with backcountry adventuring and bikepacking.  However, if you want the NON truncated explanation of how a generator hub works, holler at me. ;) 

Here is is...