Some people think that adventuring is only for those that are athletically super-human, financially well-off, or just crazy.  

I call BS - anyone can have adventure, even in the smallest of ways.  Think of it this way: to adventure is to embark on a task where the element of the unknown is greater than that of the known.  By necessity, your brain processes new information, your heart ticks a little faster, and your sense of awareness is heightened.  Take a different way to work. Look at something from a different angle. Talk to a stranger. Cook a new dish.  Explore a new street in your city.  Look at a flower really, really closely.  Most importantly, don't have all the answers before you start.  

This site pays homage to the small and the big adventures without forgetting that it's all relative.  

About Me: Amanda DelCore

I am a late-twenties female that has a passion for cycling, appropriate technology, environmental stewardship, and renewable energy.  I have previously worked as an environmental consultant for three years, have researched the impact and implementation of small, appropriate technology devices, and tinkered with said devices.  These days I'm spending a lot of time trying to empower women to become more advanced cyclists and find the skills and confidence to adventure by bicycle.  When I'm not working or biking, I am probably trying to make granola or drinking local brews.  This summer, I'm sponsored by Blackburn Design to cycle the Continental Divide.  For more stories about myself and the other Rangers, check out their site: