Bikepacking Clinics 2017

2017 brought a lot of unexpected change. Some good, some not so good. I have a full-time job that I'm very passionate about. Check it out: Factor[e] Ventures  I also live in Fort Collins, which has brought me so much joy.

Photo by  Colin Gould  - Horsetooth Reservior, Fort Collins

Photo by Colin Gould - Horsetooth Reservior, Fort Collins

Now, in 2017 more than ever, I feel the need to keep up the women's bikepacking series.

I've now had the chance to see two years' worth of women go through the clinic and do a preliminary ride. The positive effect has been more than I could've imagined. 

I've seen some women start riding a bike for the first time seriously, and then evolve into a seriously competitive, pro-category cyclist. I've seen others embrace a newfound sense of independence that emanates in other parts of their life. Others have had an incredibly memorable experience that propels further bikepacking. It's brought women together, pushed them to their limits, and made them hungry for more.

I promise to keep that tradition alive.  

But this year, I'm going to open it up beyond women. That's right, boys are allowed. For some of it. There will still be a women's-only intro, and a women's-only overnight trip. I believe that those events encourage female participating in ways that mixed-gender events cannot. 

However, I've had too many men express that they wish something like the women's bikepacking clinic were available to them. And I'm curious. What will happen? Will they really show up? Will the women disappear? Or will both men and women participate without a hitch? 

Structure and Dates

  1. Women-identifying Intro clinic: Week of June 19
    (general bikepacking orientation, story-telling, one-on-one discussion about your bike, gear, and dreams)
  2. Session 1 - The Bike and the Bags: Week of July 10
    (what bike to take, how to outfit it with bags... without going broke)
  3. Session 2 - Camping Gear: Week of July 10th
    (it's all about trade-offs, so what do you take, and how to you carry it?)
  4. Session 3 - Nutrition, Hydration, Hygiene, and Preparedness: Week of July 17th
    (this one might sound lame, but I've now treated several people for dehydration, extreme fatigue, and a minor concussions during bikepacking... so, being prepared is cool!) 
  5. Steamboat Ramble 2017: July 27-30
    (a great opportunity to flex your new bikepacking skillz if you're an experienced cyclist)
  6. Women/trans/femme only Standard 24-hour Overnighter: August 5-6
    (for those women who want a manageable, first time bikepacking trip. it's tailored to the people who want to ride; a highly curated and guided trip)

If you can't make it to Fort Collins, contact Jillian Betterly. She'll be doing clinics in Boulder.

I'll release exact dates once I talk to venues / bike shops that will make it possible. Check back for more later, and get stoked!

I'm pretty stoked about this, can you tell? 

I'm pretty stoked about this, can you tell?