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Becoming a Blackburn Ranger and Cycling the Continental Divide

In 2015, I applied and got a spot in the Blackburn Ranger Program, for which I cycled the Continetnal Divide.

This blog the chronicals my adventures in planning, riding, and reminiscing about the 2,700 [post ride tally: 3,000] mile route from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, Mexico.

The blog extends past the trip, including gear setup and reviews, stories from the trail, and continued adventures.

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Women's Bikepacking Series

The first clinic took place in Philadelphia. Amidst bursts of summer storms and rising city temperatures, a three-part Women's Bikepacking Series took place. The series was designed to teach the basic principles of bikepacking to any interested female-identified Philadelphians, to get those women ready for a weekend trip, and to eventually complete the trip.

The series continues each summer wherever I go, as long as there are people who want to ride into the unknown.